College Station attempts to oust camera referendum

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August 17, 2009

COLLEGE STATION, Texas:Local resident Jim Ash spearheaded an effort to gather signatures in order to abolish red light cameras that capture speeding drivers in College Station. Ash gathered enough signatures to put the referendum on the ballot, but now he believes the city government has plans to sabotage his efforts. Ash’s petition states that if the referendum is passed, the red light cameras would then become “unenforceable.” Now, city officials are poised to alter the text of the referendum to allow the program to be re-started in the future.

According to a letter written by Ash to the city manager: “"In a recent radio interview, Mayor Ben White asserted 'the city does not have to take the petition to a vote in November.’ This fact coupled with the city's plans that you disclosed to me in our call today leave me troubled. I believe the city's actions threaten to undermine the foundation of the petition."[1]

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