Colorado Carbon Tax Initiative (2008)

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The Colorado Carbon Tax Initiative was proposed for the November 2008 Colorado ballot. If the initiative had made it to the ballot and been approved by voters, it would have added a new amendment to the Colorado constitution allowing the government of Colorado to charge energy companies an annual fee of $25 for every ton of carbon dioxide they produce. This type of fee is popularly known as a carbon tax. According to the draft language of the initiative, the tax would be passed along to consumers on their electrical bills.


The official supporters of the proposed initiative were Sue Radford and Tim Hillman. According to Radford, the carbon tax if it had passed would combat global warming. In an interview with a Colorado newspaper, Radford said, "I am somebody who is deeply concerned about the way our climate is changing. A carbon tax is the most fair and comprehensive and transparent and enforceable way of dealing with the problem."[1]

Petition drive

As with the other ballot initiatives in Colorado, if the ballot language was approved, supporters of the initiative would have had to collect 76,047 valid signatures to make the November 2008 ballot. See Colorado Initiative and Referendum Law for additional information. The initiative did not make the ballot.

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