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The Colorado Court of Appeals is the intermediate appellate court in Colorado. It was established in 1891, abolished in 1905, re-established in 1913, re-abolished in 1917 and established in its current form in 1970. It consists of 22 appointed judges who, after their initial appointment, are then subject to a retention election every eight years thereafter. Their terms end on the second Tuesday in January.[1][2]

The Colorado Court of Appeals hears most of the direct appeals from the Colorado district courts. It also hears appeals from the rulings of some of Colorado's administrative agencies. The court typically issues its decisions on Thursday mornings, with case announcements posted on the court's website usually by 8:00 a.m.[3]

Colorado Court of Appeals
Court information
Judges:   22
Founded:   1891, 1970[4]
Salary:   $139,000[5]
Judicial selection
Method:   Assisted appointment
Term:   8 years


Like most appellate courts, the court sits in three-member divisions to decide cases. The chief judge, appointed by the chief justice of the Colorado Supreme Court, assigns judges to the divisions and rotates their assignments. The mission of the court of Appeals is to provide the citizens of Colorado with clear, impartial, and timely resolutions of appealed orders and judgments as provided by law. The court of Appeals was created by statute; accordingly, jurisdiction is limited to the areas specified by state statute, together with the inherent powers granted to all courts.

Established under Section 1 of Article VI of the Colorado Constitution and Section 13-4-101, et seq., C.R.S. (Colorado Revised Statutes), the Court of Appeals has initial jurisdiction, with exceptions, over appeals from the Colorado District Courts, Denver Probate Court, and Denver Juvenile Court. In addition, the Court of Appeals has specific appellate jurisdiction over decisions originating from a number of state administrative boards and agencies, including the Industrial Claim Appeals Office. Reviews of the Court of Appeals’ decisions are directed to the Colorado Supreme Court.[6]

JudgeTermAppointed by
Judge Daniel Taubman1993-2021
Judge James Casebolt1994-2015
Judge John Daniel Dailey2000-2019
Judge John Webb (Colorado)2002-2021
Judge Dennis Graham2002-2021
Chief judge Alan Loeb2003-2023
Judge Robert Hawthorne2005-2017
Judge Gilbert Roman2005-2017
Judge David Furman2006-2017
Judge Steve Bernard2006-2017Gov. Bill Owens
Judge Diana Terry2006-2017
Judge Jerry N. Jones2006-2017
Judge Nancy Lichtenstein2008-2019
Judge David Richman2008-2018Gov. Bill Ritter
Judge Richard Gabriel2008-2018Gov. Bill Ritter
Judge Gale Miller2009-2021Gov. Bill Ritter
Judge Laurie Booras2009-2021Gov. Bill Ritter
Judge Appointee Karen M. Ashby2013-2016Gov. John Hickenlooper
Judge Terry Fox2010-2023Gov. Bill Ritter
Judge Stephanie Erin Dunn2012-2020Gov. John Hickenlooper
Judge Anthony Navarro2013-presentGov. John Hickenlooper
Judge Michael Berger2013-2016Gov. John Hickenlooper

Publication of decisions

The court issues published and unpublished decisions. It releases its published decisions on alternate weeks and its unpublished decisions every week. Published decisions are made available on the court's website with their full text; the list of unpublished decisions is also made available on that website. A feature on the Court of Appeals website allows people to request that they be e-mailed copies of unpublished decisions.

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JudgeElection Vote
LoebAlan Loeb 68.9% ApprovedA
FoxTerry Fox 66.4% ApprovedA


CandidateIncumbentRetention vote:Retention Vote %
TaubmanDaniel Taubman   ApprovedAYes1,357,45271.42%ApprovedA
GrahamDennis Graham   ApprovedAYes1,336,26169.89%ApprovedA
MillerGale Miller   ApprovedAYes1,350,97770.88%ApprovedA
CaseboltJames Casebolt   ApprovedAYes1,391,60472.64%ApprovedA
WebbJohn Webb (Colorado)   ApprovedAYes1,359,52171.63%ApprovedA
BoorasLaurie Booras   ApprovedAYes1,395,80372.19%ApprovedA