Colorado Motorcycle Traffic Operation (2008)

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The Colorado Motorcycle Traffic Operation statutory initiative is proposed for the November 2008 Colorado ballot. If the initiative makes it to the ballot and is approved by voters, it would create a new state statute.

The official ballot title of the measure reads:

An amendment to the Colorado statutes concerning the operation of motorcycles between lanes of traffic during periods of congestion, and, in connection therewith, allowing the operation of a motorcycle between lanes of traffic during periods of congestion if the operator is at least eighteen years old, the operator has successfully completed a state-approved operator training and safety course, the motorcycle is traveling at a speed of not more than ten miles per hour over the speed of the other traffic, the traffic is moving at less than one-half of the posted speed limit, the motorcycle is in a location other than a school crossing zone or where the posted speed limit is twenty miles per hour or less, and the operator displays an indicator of compliance provided by the department of revenue.

Details of the initiative

The new statute would allow motorcyclists to operate their motorcycle between lanes of traffic under certain conditions:

  • Motorcyclist is 18 and has completed a state motorcycle safety course
  • The motorcycle can only operate at 10 mph faster than the surrounding traffic
  • The motorcyclist may only move between lanes of traffic when that traffic is moving at less than half the posted speed limit
  • The new statute does not apply in school crossing zones
  • If the motorcyclist has a certicate of compliance


The official supporters of the proposed initiative are Michael and Victoria Graves of Lakewood, Colorado.


None yet identified.


The initiative's title has been set, but the petition form must be approved before circulating petitions for the measure. Supporters will need to collect 76,047 valid signatures to make the November 2008 ballot.

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