Colorado Secretary of State ponders options on "cure" provision

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September 20, 2010

By Kyle Maichle

DENVER, Colorado: Secretary of State Bernie Buescher made a formal recommendation to the Colorado General Assembly to eliminate the "cure" provision in the state's initiative laws[1].

The recommendation would call on Colorado's lawmakers to introduce legislation that would eliminate the "cure" provision when they reconvene in January of 2011. Proponents of an initiative can undergo the "cure" process if the Secretary of State determines if they do not have enough valid signatures after a random sample. Proponents have 15 days to gather more signatures in order to meet the 90 to 110 validity rate for random samples[1].

The Best Practices and Vision Commission, a committee within the Secretary of State, voted by a 12-1 margin on September 8, 2010, to put the elimination of the "cure" provision on its list of recommended legislation for the 2011-2012 session[1].

Members of the Best Practices and Vision Commission considered other options including a line-by-line review for checking duplicate signatures and making the proponents of an initiative to pay a fee to the Secretary of State in order to begin the "cure" process[1].

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