Colorado county votes to put clean energy measure on ballot

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August 17, 2009

PITKIN COUNTY, Colorado: Pitkin County commissioners recently voted unanimously to place a measure on this November's ballot that would allow the county to issue bonds and provide loans to property owners so they can make energy efficient and renewable renovations to their homes. If passed, the county would issue $5 million in bonds to finance the loans, a provision agreed upon after only a first reading. Council-members will be having a special meeting on August 25th to further discuss the ballot language and other details, with a second reading and vote to come the next day.[1]

The bill's specific goals were made by the county's Energy Program Manager Dylan Hoffman, who wrote in a memo, "The program offers low-interest loans to help families and businesses afford renewable energy and energy-efficient upgrades to their properties - without raising taxes. At a time of skyrocketing energy costs, this innovative program allows property owners to go solar, add energy-efficient windows, or make other money-saving energy upgrades without the upfront cost. Savings from the lower monthly utility bills can be used to repay the loans."[2]

The total cost of the program will be funded over a period of time by homeowners. The debt will be part of the homeowner's annual property tax. Should the property be sold, the debt will remain with the property until it is paid.[3]

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