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The Committees' Committee is a standing committee of the New Mexico Senate.

Per Section 9.1 of the Senate Rules, committees of the New Mexico State Senate are appointed by the Committees' Committee.[1] The rules do not specify when or how often committees are assigned. The Committees' Committee will assign the chair, vice-chair and the ranking member of each standing committee.[2] All appointments made by the Committees' Committee are subject to the approval of the Senate.[3]

DocumentIcon.jpg See rules: Senate Rules


There shall be a committee known as the "committees' committee," which shall be composed of the president pro tempore, the majority floor leader, the majority whip, the minority floor leader, the minority whip and five members of the majority party and one member of the minority party appointed by the president pro tempore, by and with the consent of the senate; provided if a vacancy is created on the committees' committee for any reason, the president pro tempore or the appropriate caucus if the vacancy is that of a party leader, may fill the vacancy. The chairman of the committees' committee shall be the president pro tempore. The vice chairman shall be selected by the members of the committees' committee.[4][5]

Committee members


The following table describes committee membership at the beginning of the 2013 legislative session.

Committees' Members, 2013
Democratic members (8)Republican members (3)
Mary Papen, ChairStuart Ingle
Michael Sanchez, Vice-chairWilliam Payne
Pete CamposWilliam Sharer
Carlos Cisneros
Tim Keller
George Munoz
Clemente Sanchez
John Smith


The following table describes committee membership for the 2011 legislative session.

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