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Committee On Committees, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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The Committee On Committees is a standing committee of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

Per Section 43 of the House Rules, committees of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives are appointed by the Committee on Committees. The Committee on Committees is made up of the Speaker of the House, and 15 members of the House, ten of which shall be members of the majority party and five that are members of the minority party. The purpose of this committee is to recommend to the House the members that will serve on the standing committees.[1] The rules do not specify when or how often committees are assigned. It is the duty of the Speaker of the House to appoint the chair and vice-chair for all standing committees that have no subcommittees, except the Appropriations Committee which shall have a vice-chair appointed by the Speaker. The Speaker of the House shall appoint a secretary for each standing committee. The Minority Leader shall appoint the minority chair, minority vice-chair and minority secretary for each standing committee.[1] The Speaker of the House, the Majority Floor Leader and the Minority Floor Leader shall be ex-officio members of all standing committees, but have no voting rights and are not counted for purposes in determining quorum.[1]

DocumentIcon.jpg See rules: House Resolution 1


This text is quoted verbatim from the original source. Any inconsistencies are attributed to the original source.

The Committee on Committees shall consist of the Speaker and 15 members of the House, ten of whom shall be members of the majority party and five of whom shall be members of the minority party, whose duty shall be to recommend to the House the names of members who are to serve on the standing committees of the House. Except for the Speaker, the Majority and Minority Leaders, Whips, Caucus Chairs, Caucus Secretaries, Caucus Administrators, Policy Chairs and the chairs and minority chairs of standing committees, each member shall be entitled to serve on not less than two standing committees.[2]



Committee on Committees Members, 2013
Democratic members (5)Republican members (9)
Marc Gergely, Democratic ChairNicholas Micozzie, Chair
Tina DavisWilliam Adolph
Stephen KinseyBernie O'Neill
Mark LongiettiJohn Payne
Harry ReadshawTina Pickett
Jeffrey Pyle
Stan Saylor
Richard Stevenson
Mike Turzai



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