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Concerned Citizens Committee of Billings Township

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"We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for all citizens in the community.

"We believe our elected government officials should ethically and efficiently use revenues and resources to make the community secure, prosperous, and life-sustaining. We believe government leadership should be open, just, responsible and accountable to the people.

"Elected officials can fall 'out of sync' with the people they have been elected to serve. A watchdog organization like the CCC is necessary to restore balance. When balance is restored, a watchdog organizations presence in the community can help maintain that balance.

"Our mission, in part, is to keep a keen eye on Billings Township government policy, procedures and actions. The CCC is organized: to research, educate and inform citizens with the truth on issues affecting their community; to motivate citizens to act on the information; to restore ethics, justice and government accountability; to restore the voice of the citizens in the community."


  • Michigan FOIA
  • Federal FOIA
  • Public improvement acts
  • Michigan election law
  • Environmental law
  • Condemnation law
  • Oaths of office
  • Michigan Constitution

Transparency projects

  • Working to get officials to comply with Michigan FOIA
  • Working to get State Representatives to change Michigan FOIA to recognize 21st century media forms, such as newsletters and blogs (federal FOIA recognizes more forms of media and therefore fees are waived)
  • Providing information to citizens regarding government spending in Billings Township


  1. Maintaining a Research Library to assist citizens with personal and/or community issues (i.e., how to challenge property assessments; senior programs; where to find legal advice; etc.).
  2. Providing a free monthly newsletter (The Eagle Eye), mailed locally and available on the web.
  3. Maintaining a website.
  4. Four to six meetings a year to provide information, networking, and to stimulate discussion and enjoy fellowship.
  5. Performing Random Acts of Kindness to lend a hand, an ear or a heart.

Contact information

Patricia G. Gnotek / President: Linda Rybkowski / Treasurer 989-435-3035

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