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Concord residents approve ward redistricting changes

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January 13, 2012

New Hampshire

CONCORD, New Hampshire: Along with voting in the Presidential Primary election on Tuesday, Concord residents also voted on whether or not they would allow the city council to redraw the city wards. The charter amendment was approved with 72 percent of voters in favor of the measure, 28 percent were against it. The city has ten wards and every ten years the wards are redrawn as the census is conducted. The ward lines are defined in the charter so when the ward lines needed to be changed an amendment to the charter was needed giving way to a city wide vote. But since this measure was approved, the city council now has the power to redraw the ward lines without needing to take it to a city wide vote for approval.[1] This measure was placed on the ballot by a unanimous vote by the city council in October 2011. The main goal of the measure was allow for a more efficient way to allow for the redistricting of the city wards and make it less time consuming.[2]

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