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July 14, 2012


By: George Sousouris

Annapolis, Maryland: Maryland's State Board of Elections has acknowledged that a group opposing a new redistricting map have met a 55,736 signature minimum, which will likely send the issue to a November referendum. Of primary concern to Republicans, around 350,000 mostly liberal voters from suburban Washington D.C. were gerrymandered into a district in the Western part of the state, tilting the balance of the electorate against one of the state's two Republicans in Congress, Roscoe Bartlett. While this appears to be a major victory for the Republican-led opposition, the Board also noted that the number of signatures surpassed the minimum threshold by only 642, with 2,800 that have yet to be certified.[1][2]

In addition to Republicans, groups such as the League of Women Voters of Maryland and Common Cause also oppose the new map. Democrats still have the opportunity to challenge to the Election Board's decision, but it appears as if this issue will join same-sex marriage and Maryland's version of the Dream Act on the ballot this Fall.[2]

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