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This article contains information about government transparency and accountability legislation in the state of Connecticut.



  • House Bill 5009[1] would allow towns more time to post minutes from public agency meetings on their web sites.
  • House Bill 5314[2] would relieve municipalities of costly mandates by authorizing the posting of legal notices on municipal web sites.
  • House Bill 5365[3] would provide meeting minute online posting mandate relief to towns and cities.
  • House Bill 5368[4] would delay the implementation of the mandate on municipalities to post information on web sites.
  • House Bill 5371[5] would provide local taxpayer relief from an unfunded mandate regarding posting of municipal information on web sites.
  • House Bill 5379[6] To provide mandate relief to towns and cities regarding posting meeting minutes online.
  • House Bill 5384[7] would provide mandate relief by delaying implementation of requirements requiring the posting of town minutes and agendas on the Internet.
  • House Bill 5953[8] would enable towns to post required legal notices on their web sites rather than in newspapers.
  • House Bill 5954[9] would establish a government transparency website to enable the public to track state spending and to promote transparency.
  • House Bill 5957[10] would accommodate warrant scanning technology by permitting the copying of public documents using a portable scanner.
  • House Bill 5959[11] would require the Office of Policy and Management and the Office of Fiscal Analysis each post the state budget on their respective web sites.
  • House Bill 5960[12] would require state agencies to post their regulations on their web sites.
  • House Bill 5962[13] would establish a searchable online database of state expenditures.


  • Senate Bill 68[14] would provide relief to smaller municipalities from certain requirements under the Freedom of Information Act.
  • Senate Bill 201[15] seeks to acknowledge that state funded group homes perform an important government function and that the public has a right to know how such homes are being managed and operated under the purview of the Freedom of Information Act.
  • Senate Bill 333[16] would relieve towns of the burden of posting meeting minutes and agendas on their web sites.
  • Senate Bill 340[17] seeks to enable easier public examination of all state contracts.
  • Senate Bill 521[18] would require full disclosure and transparency in state contracting.
  • Senate Bill 523[19] would establish a state website tracking the award of state grants and contracts.
  • Senate Bill 772[20] would revise the requirement that minutes from a public agency's sessions be posted on such agency's web site within seven days of such session.
  • Senate Bill 912[21] would ensure access to certain court records under FOIA, except those records that relate directly to decision-making in individual cases.