Connecticut legislators look to change liquor laws

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July 14, 2012


By Justin Haas

HARTFORD, Connecticut Earlier this year, the Connecticut State Legislature passed a new law altering alcohol sales policy by allowing alcohol to now be sold on Sunday. However, some legislators are pushing for more changes to alcohol regulations in an attempt to become more competitive with surrounding states.[1]

Co-chairwoman of a new task force dealing with alcohol regulations, Representative Kathleen Tallarita said the group will look at as many as five new changes to alcohol laws. Among those potential changes are the following: the state's alcohol taxes, volume discount laws, liquor permit restrictions, minimum pricing laws, and special territories for beer distributors.[1]

"Get ready to get to work." "Times have changed. We need to become more competitive with our surrounding states," Tallarita told the other members of the task force.[1]

The task force is scheduled to meet on a monthly basis. It is supposed to make recommendations to the General Assembly by January 2013.[1]

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