Connecticut legislators want to bring back GPS monitoring for violent offenders

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May 29, 2012


HARTFORD, Connecticut: House Speaker Christopher Donovan said that the state is looking to restart a program which uses global positioning devices to monitor violent offenders in an attempt to keep victims of domestic violence safe.[1]

The program, which used GPS devices to monitor 119 offenders, ran out of its $140,000 in federal stimulus money. Legislators have been working to find a new source of federal funding for the project, said Representative Mae Flexer, chair of the Speaker's Task Force on Domestic Violence. The cost of expanding the program was estimated to be near $2 million.[1]

The program was started in October of 2010 and the last of the devices were used on new offenders in July. The last of the GPS units was removed this March[1]

According to a study by the judicial branch, the GPS units successfully worked as a deterent. "The program ... led to apparent behavior change for defendants and an increase in victim safety," it concludes. Stephen R. Grant, director of family and juvenile services for the state judicial branch, said, “This is highly successful.”[1]

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