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Constitutional officers are county level elected positions in some states, Wisconsin among them. Article VI, Section 4 of the Wisconsin Constitution specifies the following officers:
  • Sheriff - serve four year terms
  • County coroner - serve four year terms
  • Register of deeds - serve four year terms
  • District attorney - serve four year terms
  • Judge - serve for six years
  • County clerk - serve four year terms
  • Clerk of circuit court - serve two year terms
  • Treasurer - serve four year terms
  • Surveyor - serve four year terms in counties that have surveyors

All of these positions are elected by members of the appropriate county, however, if the office of sheriff, coroner, register of deeds, judge or district attorney should be vacated prior to the expiration of its term, the state governor shall appoint a replacement.[1] If the office of clerk of circuit clerk is vacated prior to its expiration, the judge of the circuit court may appoint a replacement.[2] Any elected official in Wisconsin is subject to recall by the people.[3]

Counties of 500,000 or more people do not have surveyors or coroners, and counties with populations less than 500,000 have the option of retaining a coroner or instituting a medical examiner system. Two or more counties may institute a joint ME system.[4]

The governor of Wisconsin has the right to remove any of these elected constitutional officers (with the exceptions of county clerk, treasurer and surveyor) upon providing the officer with a copy of charges of wrongdoing and allowing them a hearing.[5]

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