Controversy hits Idaho hunting and fishing amendment

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August 31, 2012


BOISE, Idaho: Both sides of the Hunting and Fishing Amendment, HJR 2, in Idaho are heating up their statements regarding their measure with only a few months left until the general election.

The measure would add to the Idaho Constitution the right to hunt, fish and trap in the state. According to reports, the sponsor of the measure was State Senator Lee Heider, who introduced the measure during 2012 state legislative session.

However, according to Idahoans Against Trapping chairman Greg Moore stated, “Due to the inclusion of trapping in the amendment, if it passes, then torturing wild animals to death will have been declared legal in Idaho forever."[1]

On the other hand, according to Andy White of the Idaho Trappers Association, "In Idaho, trappers are required to check traps once every 72 hours. But most check once every 24 hours. The original mountain men, the original Idahoans, were much more involved in trapping, and that's why they came out here."

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