Convicted killer Craig Price appeals contempt charge to Rhode Island Supreme Court

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The Judicial Update

November 8, 2011

Rhode Island: The Rhode Island Supreme Court is set to hear an appeal of convicted killer Craig Price. Price murdered four people back in the 1980s before he turned 18. His original sentencing called for five years at the Rhode Island Training School which would include extensive psychological evaluations. Price refused these evaluations and has been held in contempt for the last 25 years. His attorney, Susan Iannitelli, argues that the sentence for contempt is too severe and that her client is willing to submit to psychological evaluation now. Assistant attorney general Aaron Weisman argued that the contempt charge is not excessive given Price's refusal to cooperate. Price has a history of problems behind bars including illegally releasing a rap video, and fighting with other inmates and corrections officers. Even if the contempt charges were overturned Price would still have to serve time in prison for his other offenses.[1]