Cook County Illinois woman charged with election felony

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October 21, 2011


SPRINGFIELD, Illinois: A woman from Cook County, Myrna Jurcev, has been charged with felony mutilation of election materials and a misdemeanor disregard of election code. The woman who is an activist of Oak Lawn Tax Watch had been circulating a petition to change the government structure of Oak Lawn village, stating that their goal was to have a government which was elected by the people. The group had then submitted the petition to the County Clerk but an objection was quickly filed by the village clerk that the petition had fraudulent signatures and that many were forged. The village clerk quickly obtained affidavits signed by residents who had their signatures forged and took the issue to the State Board of Elections. After Jurcev was confronted, she admitted that she had forged some of the signatures, including signing her mother's name as the one who had collected the signatures. The petition was removed from being eligible for the ballot. The Court is set to hear the case on November 29.[1]

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