Coral Gables City Truck Ordinance Question (November 2012)

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A Coral Gables City Truck Ordinance Question was on the November 6, 2012 ballot in the city of Coral Gables, which is in Miami-Dade County, where it was approved.

This measure sought to amend a current ordinance which prohibits trucks to be parked over night on residential driveways. If this measure is approved, one non residential truck with four wheels would be allowed overnight.[1] The City Commission amended the ballot language, re-writing language which was said to be confusing and eliminating the need for the truck bed to be covered. Now the truck bed is only required to be empty. Residents who are in favor of allowing trucks in drive ways stated that requiring residents to buy covers could put a financial burden on them which is not necessary. The new language was approved on July 24, the last day to place measures on the November ballot.[2]

Election results

Coral Gables City Question
Approveda Yes 12,733 56.81%

Election results from Miami-Dade County, Unofficial Election Results Summary

Text of measure

The question on the ballot:

The city has an existing ordinance that prohibits pickup trucks being parked outside of garages in residential areas for aesthetic purposes. Shall this ordinance be amended to allow one pickup truck for non-commercial use to be parked outside of a residence, if such truck has no items in the bed, has no commercial markings or equipment, and has no more than four wheels?[3]

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