County of Santa Clara Binding Arbitration, Measure C (November 2004)

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A County of Santa Clara Binding Arbitration, Measure C ballot proposition was on the November 2, 2004 ballot in Santa Clara County, where it was defeated.
  • Yes: 204,377 (43.50%)
  • No: 265,498 (56.50%) Defeatedd

Measure C was supported by public employee unions in the county. It would have given arbitrators the final say in pay disputes between the county and its nurses, jailers and attorneys.[1]

The question asked on the ballot was, "Shall the Charter of the County of Santa Clara be amended to supersede dispute resolution processes contained in State and County law in the event that bargaining is unsuccessful, to impose binding arbitration to resolve negotiation disputes over wages, hours or other terms and conditions of employment between the County of Santa Clara and unions representing certain County attorneys, certain officers employed by the County Department of Correction, and certain County registered nurses, who currently resolve disputes pursuant to law?"


After the vote, John DiQuisto and Rosemary Knox sued Santa Clara County, saying that the county had improperly offered raises in order to silence union support for the measure.

Appeals Court Justices Richard J. McAdams, Wendy Clark Duffy and Nathan D. Mihara in January 2010 agreed with a lower court ruling that said that the county had been within its rights when it discussed Measure C in union negotiations conducted during the election campaign.[1]

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