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Federal courts

Courts in Delaware include Delaware's state court system and one federal district court.

Appellate Courts

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Delaware Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is the state's court of last resort. It has jurisdiction over appeals in cases decided by lower courts. It also has discretionary jurisdiction to issue writs of prohibition, quo warranto, certiorari and mandamus, and it may choose to answer certified questions.

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Superior Court of Delaware

The Delaware Superior Court acts as both a general-jurisdiction trial court and an intermediate appellate court. It has statewide general jurisdiction over criminal and civil cases except equity cases, which the Court of Chancery hears, and domestic cases, which the Family Court hears.

Functioning as an appellate court, it hears appeals from the Court of Common Pleas, the Family Court, and Delaware's administrative agencies. Superior Court decisions are appealed to the Supreme Court.

Trial Courts

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  • Delaware Court of Chancery is a court of equity and primarily handles cases regarding corporate matters. Approximately 60 percent of the businesses listed on the New York Stock Exchange are incorporated in Delaware. A primary reason is that Delaware's corporation law is thought to offer flexibility to businesses and allows for broad discretion in business matters.[1]

Federal courts

The federal district court in Delaware is the United States District Court for the District of Delaware. Decisions of this court are appealed to the Third Circuit.

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