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Federal courts

Courts in Hawaii consist of the state court system and two federal courts.

The Hawaii state court system consists of appellate courts, trial courts of general jurisdiction and trial courts of limited jurisdiction.

The structure of Hawaii's state court system.

Appellate Courts

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Hawaii Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is the state's court of last resort.[1] It hears appeals from lower courts and interprets the laws of the state constitution.

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Hawaii Intermediate Court of Appeals

The Intermediate Court of Appeals is an intermediate appellate court. It hears nearly all appeals from trial courts and some state agencies.

Trial Courts

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There are three types of trial courts in Hawaii: the circuit, family and district courts. Each of these trial courts can be found in the four judicial districts, or "circuits," which represent the four major islands: the First, Second, Third and Fifth Circuit Courts. The Fourth Circuit was merged with the Third Circuit in 1943.

Federal courts

There are two federal courts in Hawaii: the District of Hawaii and the District of Hawaii Bankruptcy Court[2]

Appeals from these federal district courts are heard in the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

Restorative justice

Circle peacemaking

In 2005, the Huikahi Restorative Circle was developed in O’ahu, Hawaii. It is a restorative justice project that uses a group process for re-entry planning of an incarcerated individual. The project brings in the incarcerated person, his or her family and friends and one prison representative when planning. This circle process focuses on both shutting the “revolving door” and helping the incarcerated individual and their loved ones find ways to heal from the harm created by crime and its subsequent imprisonment.[3]

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