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Federal courts

The courts in Maryland include the state court system and two federal courts.

The structure of Maryland's state court system.

Appellate Courts

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Maryland Court of Appeals

The Court of Appeals is the court of last resort. It has exclusive jurisdiction over death penalty appeals, legislative redistricting, removal of some officers and is responsible for answering broad legal questions.

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Maryland Court of Special Appeals

The Court of Special Appeals is the intermediate appellate court.[1] Its jurisdiction has expanded so that it now considers any reviewable judgment, decree, order or other action of the circuit and orphans’ courts, unless otherwise provided by law. Judges sitting on the Court of Special Appeals generally hear and decide cases in panels of three.

Trial Courts

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Maryland Circuit Courts

The circuit courts are divided into eight circuits, and there is a circuit court in each of Maryland's 23 counties, plus Baltimore City. These courts handle the more major cases and also hear appeals from the lower courts. There are jury trials in the circuit courts.[1][2]

Courts of limited jurisdiction

Maryland District Courts

There are 12 districts and 34 court locations. Cases are decided by judges; there are no juries.[1][3]

The Maryland Orphans' Court handles probate matters, all matters involving decedents' estates and cases regarding the guardianships of minors and their property.[4]

The Maryland Office of Administrative Hearings hears contested administrative law cases regarding the executive branch.

Federal courts

There are two federal courts in Maryland: the District of Maryland and the District of Maryland Bankruptcy Court.[5]

Appeals from these courts are heard in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

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