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Federal courts

Courts in Nebraska include the state court system and two federal courts.

The structure of Nebraska's state court system.

Appellate Courts

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Nebraska Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has discretionary jurisdiction over the Court of Appeals, and mandatory jurisdiction over cases involving capital punishment or cases determining the constitutionality of state statutes. In addition, the court can hear cases that are either removed from, or bypass, the Court of Appeals by "petition of further review."[1]

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Nebraska Court of Appeals

The Court of Appeals is the state's intermediate appellate court.

Trial Courts

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Nebraska District Courts

There are 12 district courts in Nebraska. These courts encompass one or more counties and hear felony criminal cases, equity cases and civil cases involving more than $51,000. They also, at times, hear appeals from the county courts.[2]

Nebraska County Courts

There are 93 county courts in Nebraska, or one for each county. They handle cases regarding misdemeanors, traffic and city ordinance violations, preliminary hearings in felony cases, civil cases involving up to $51,000 and some domestic and juvenile matters. Also, the small claims courts are a division of the county courts.[3]

Courts with limited jurisdiction

  • Nebraska Problem-Solving Courts handle a wide range of cases, including domestic disputes, drug related charges and community issues. A majority of Nebraska's judicial districts contain problem-solving courts. Problem-solving courts include specialized drug courts, domestic violence courts, community courts, family treatment courts, DUI courts, and mental health courts.[5][6]

Federal courts

There are two federal courts in Nebraska, the District of Nebraska and the District of Nebraska Bankruptcy Court.[7]

Appeals from these courts are heard in the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.

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