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Federal courts

Courts in North Carolina include a state court system and three federal district courts.

The structure of North Carolina's state court system.

Appellate courts

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Supreme Court of North Carolina

The Supreme Court is the court of last resort in the state. The primary function of the Supreme Court is to decide questions of law that have arisen in the lower courts or state administrative agencies, as well as review of Court of Appeals cases upon petition. [1]

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North Carolina Court of Appeals

The Court of Appeals is the state's intermediate appellate court. Rotating panels of three judges hear cases, which are appeals from the trial courts.[2]

Trial courts

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North Carolina Superior Courts

The superior courts hear felony criminal cases, civil cases involving more than $10,000 and appeals from the district courts. These courts are divided into eight divisions.[3]

North Carolina District Courts

The district courts are divided into four categories: civil, criminal, juvenile and magistrate. These courts are divided amongst 47 judicial districts.[4]

Special courts

North Carolina directs certain cases to the following special courts.

  • Business Court

This court is headed by a special superior court judge who oversees cases involving corporate and commercial law and that are assigned to the court by the chief justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court.[5]

  • Family Court

These courts help the district courts resolve domestic and juvenile cases.[6]

  • Drug Treatment Court

These courts were created to "enhance and monitor the delivery of treatment services to chemically dependent adult offenders while holding those offenders rigorously accountable for complying with their court-ordered treatment plans."[7]

Federal courts

There are three federal district courts in North Carolina.

Rulings from these federal courts can be appealed to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.

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