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Federal courts

The Courts in Virginia consists of the state court system and four federal courts.

The Virginia court system is composed of a Supreme Court, a Court of Appeals, Circuit Courts, District Courts and Magistrates.

Appellate Courts

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Virginia Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is the court of last resort in Virginia. It has original jurisdiction in some cases, but is primarily an appellate court.

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Virginia Court of Appeals

The Court of Appaels is the state's intermediate appellate court.[1]

Trial Courts

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Virginia Circuit Courts

The Circuit Courts are the only trial courts of general jurisdiction in Virginia. They have jurisdiction over most of the more serious criminal and civil cases and can also hear appeals from the lower District Courts. There are 120 circuit courts which are organized into 31 Circuits.[1][2]

Virginia District Courts

There are District Courts in each of the 32 Districts across Virginia. The General District Court deals with criminal offenses involving misdemeanors or violations of ordinances. The Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court deals with cases involving persons under 18 years old and family matters.[1]

Courts of limited jurisdiction

There are eight magisterial regions in Virginia. The magistrates review complaints by law enforcement officials and citizens, conduct hearings, set bail, issue search warrants and arrest warrants, issue subpoenas, etc.[1]

Federal courts

There are four federal courts in Virginia:

Appeals go to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.

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