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Covington is the fifth-largest cities in Kentucky. It is one of two county seats of Kenton County. As of the 2010 census, the city's population is 40,640.[1] Covington is a part of the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky metro area, which has a total combination of about 2,171,896.[2]

Website evaluation

See also: Evaluation of Kentucky city websites

The good

  • Elected officials and their contact information are posted online.[3]
  • Meeting minutes and agendas are posted online.[4]
  • Contact information for administrative officials are posted online.[5]
  • Building permits are posted online.[6]
  • The website instructs citizens to contact the City Clerk's Office to make public records requests.[7]

The bad

  • Full audit reports are not posted.[8]
  • A budget, contracts, lobbying, and tax information are not available online.

Transparency and public records

The city's website has instructions about how to make a public records request.[9]

Elected Officials

The city of Covington has four commissioners and one mayor. As of March 2011, the four commissioners are: Sherry Caran, Shawn Master's, Steve Casper, and Steve Frank.[10]

Mayor Denny Bowman

Mayor Denny Bowman was elected to his fourth four-year term in November 2008, after serving three consecutive four-year terms starting in November 1987.[11] Before his first mayoral stint, he was city commissioner and vice-mayor. He served as Recreation Director from March 2000 until January 2008.[12]


The mayor's salary is $27,197.56, and the commissioner's salary is $21,729.24.[13]

Public employees

There is not information about how many people are employed by the city or their salaries.

Emergency personell

The fire chief is Mark Young.[14] The police chief is Lee Russo.[15]


See also: Kentucky state budget

There is not information about the budget online.

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