Crest Forest Fire Protection District, Measures J and K (May 2012)

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Two Crest Forest Fire Protection District ballot measures, Measures J and K were on the May 8, 2012 ballot for voters in the Crest Forest Fire Protection District in San Bernardino County.[1]
  • Measure J was for a parcel tax of $59 per parcel. It would have begun on July 1, 2012. It could have been adjusted upwards annually for inflation. The annual proceeds from this tax would have been about $950,000 per year. Measure J was defeated.
  • Measure K would have established an annual appropriations limit based on the amount of revenues received in each fiscal year from the Measure J parcel tax, if it had been approved. Measure K was approved, but the defeat of Measure J makes the approval of Measure K essentially moot.

The Crest Forest Fire Protection District was established in 1991. It provides fire protection, as well as paramedic and ambulance services. The district is currently supported by two existing parcel taxes, which bring in revenues each year of $500,000. The district's board believed that additional revenues were needed to support the district at its current level of operations, and that is why they voted to place Measures J and K on the May 8, 2012 ballot. The Measure J tax would have added $950,000 each year to the existing revenues of $500,000, so that altogether the district would have receive d$1,450,000 in parcel tax revenues each year. The district believes it needs $1.85 million a year.

The elections were held on a mail-in-only basis.

Election results

Measure J

Measure J
Defeatedd No94442.7%
Yes 1,267 57.3%

For Measure J to pass, a two-thirds supermajority vote was needed.

Measure K

Measure K
Approveda Yes 1,288 58.07%

For Measure K to pass, a simple majority vote was needed.

Election results are from the San Bernardino County elections office as of 4:00 a.m. on Wednesday, May 9, 2012


  • The Crest Forest Professional Firefighters' Association Local 4105 supported Measures J and K. Omar Aguilar, the union local's president, said, "The union's membership decided to back both Measures J and K 100 percent, supporting not only the Crest Forest Fire Protection District, but the paramedic program, and the entire community....we are going to go out and provide support with such things as flyers, telephone calls and whatever we need to do, and also provide the financial support for making flyers, yard signs, trifolds, and anything else."[1]
  • The Board of the Fire Protection District supported the measures. Board President Punch Ringhofer said, "District tax revenues are down and currently we have no chief because the district can’t afford it. If the voters approves Measures J and K, the district will have the funds necessary to keep operating as it should."[2]

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