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This page is a list of all the currently serving chief judges in the federal judiciary.

In order to qualify for the office of chief judge in one of the federal courts, a judge must have been in active service on the court for at least one year, be under the age of 65, and have not previously served as chief judge. A vacancy in the office of chief judge is filled by the judge highest in seniority among the group of qualified judges. The chief judge serves for a term of seven years or until age 70, whichever occurs first. The age restrictions are waived if no members of the court would otherwise be qualified for the position. Unlike the Chief Justice of the United States, a chief judge returns to active service after the expiration of his or her term and does not create a vacancy on the bench by the fact of his or her promotion.[1][2]

Current federal chief judges

There are %PAGES percent acting chief judges within the Article III Federal Courts.
First NameLast NameCourtNominating PresidentTermChief
John G.RobertsSupreme CourtW. Bush 9/29/2005-Present9/29/2005-Present
MichaelMillsNorthern District of MississippiW. Bush 10/11/2001 - Present2007 - Present
WilliamGriesbachEastern District of WisconsinW. Bush 5/1/2002 - Present11/1/2012 - Present
RubenCastilloNorthern District of IllinoisClinton 05/9/1994 - Present07/1/2013 - Present
DavidHerndonSouthern District of IllinoisClinton 10/22/1998 - Present2007 - Present
GeraldRosenEastern District of MichiganH.W. Bush 3/12/1990 - Present2009 - Present
PaulMaloneyWestern District of MichiganW. Bush 7/13/2007 - Present2008 - Present
SolomonOliverNorthern District of OhioClinton 5/9/1994 - Present2010 - Present
SusanDlottSouthern District of OhioClinton 12/26/1995-Present2009-2014
EdmundSargusSouthern District of OhioClinton 8/1/1996-Present1/1/2015-Present
ThomasVarlanEastern District of TennesseeW. Bush 3/14/2003 - Present10/8/2012 - Present
ToddCampbellMiddle District of Tennessee 12/26/1995-Present2005-8/2/2012
DanielBreenWestern District of TennesseeW. Bush 3/14/2003 - Present8/24/2013 - Present
KarenCaldwellEastern District of KentuckyW. Bush 10/24/2001 - Present10/15/2012 - Present
JosephMcKinleyWestern District of KentuckyClinton 8/14/1995 - Present2011 - Present
KarenSchreierDistrict of South DakotaClinton 7/7/1999 - Present2006 - Present
RalphEricksonDistrict of North DakotaW. Bush 3/14/2003 - Present2009 - Present
Laurie SmithCampDistrict of NebraskaW. Bush 10/24/2001-Present2011-Present
LindaReadeNorthern District of IowaW. Bush 11/26/2002 - Present2006 - Present
BrianMillerEastern District of ArkansasW. Bush 4/17/2008 - Present7/23/2012 - Present
CatherinePerryEastern District of Missouri 10/07/1994-Present2009-Present
JohnWoodcockDistrict of MaineW. Bush 06/16/2003-Present2009-Present
PattiSarisDistrict of MassachusettsClinton 11/24/1993 - Present2013 - Present
JosephLaplanteDistrict of New HampshireW. Bush 12/28/2007 - Present2011 - Present
AidaDelgado-ColonDistrict of Puerto RicoW. Bush 3/17/2006 - Present4/14/2011 - Present
William E.SmithDistrict of Rhode IslandW. Bush 11/15/2002 - Present2013 - Present
JanetHallDistrict of ConnecticutClinton 9/18/1997 - Present2013 - Present
CarolAmonEastern District of New YorkH.W. Bush 08/07/1990 - Present2011 - Present
GarySharpeNorthern District of New YorkW. Bush 01/29/2004 - Present2011 - Present
MarciaKriegerDistrict of ColoradoW. Bush 1/30/2002 - Present1/1/2013 - Present
LorettaPreskaSouthern District of New YorkH.W. Bush 8/12/1992-Present2009-Present
GregSleetDistrict of DelawareClinton 4/30/1998 - Present2007 - Present
JeromeSimandleDistrict of New JerseyH.W. Bush 05/26/1992 - Present2012 - Present
PetreseTuckerEastern District of PennsylvaniaClinton 06/01/2000 - Present5/1/2013-Present
AliceBatchelderSixth Circuit 12/2/1991-Present2009-Present
ChristopherConnerMiddle District of PennsylvaniaW. Bush 07/29/2002 - Present2013 - Present
DianeWoodSeventh CircuitClinton 6/30/1995-Present10/1/2013-Present
JohnMartenDistrict of KansasClinton 1/4/1996-Present4/22/2014-Present
ChristinaArmijoDistrict of New MexicoW. Bush 11/12/2001 - Present10/1/2012 - Present
JamesPayneEastern District of OklahomaW. Bush 10/24/2001 - Present2002 - Present (EOK)
GregoryFrizzellD.C. CircuitW. Bush 2/2/2007 - Present3/14/2012 - Present
VickiMiles-LaGrangeWestern District of OklahomaClinton 11/28/1994 - Present2008 - Present (WOK)
WilliamWatkinsMiddle District of Alabama 12/27/2005-Present2011-Present
KaronBowdreNorthern District of AlabamaH.W. Bush 11/8/2001-Present11/18/2013-Present
Sandra LeaLynchFirst CircuitClinton 3/17/1995-Present6/16/2008-Present
WilliamSteeleSouthern District of AlabamaW. Bush 3/14/2003-Present2010-Present
AnneConwayMiddle District of Florida 11/25/1991-Present2008-Present
MargaretRodgersNorthern District of FloridaW. Bush 11/21/2003 - Present2011 - Present
FedericoMorenoSouthern District of FloridaH.W. Bush 7/16/1990 - Present2007 - Present
RichardYoungSouthern District of IndianaClinton 3/6/1998 - Present2009 - Present
ThomasThrashNorthern District of GeorgiaClinton 8/1/1997-Present2014-Present
AshleyRoyalMiddle District of GeorgiaW. Bush 12/21/2001 - Present2008-Present
LisaWoodSouthern District of GeorgiaW. Bush 2/8/2007 - Present2010-Present
WilliamRileyEighth CircuitW. Bush 05/23/2001 - Present2010 - Present
MaryBriscoeTenth CircuitClinton 5/26/1995 - Present2010-Present
EdwardCarnesEleventh CircuitH.W. Bush 9/10/1992 - Present
RobertKatzmannSecond CircuitClinton 7/16/1999-Present09/01/2013-Present
CarlStewartFifth CircuitClinton 05/09/1994 - Present10/1/2012 - Present
WilliamTraxlerFourth CircuitClinton 10/1/1998-Present2009-Present
TheodoreMcKeeThird CircuitClinton 6/9/1994-Present2010-Present
JohnBaileyNorthern District of West VirginiaW. Bush 03/19/2007 - Present2008 - Present
RebeccaSmithEastern District of VirginiaH.W. Bush 10/25/1989 - Present2011 - Present
GlenConradWestern District of VirginiaW. Bush 09/24/2003 - Present2010 - Present
RobertChambersSouthern District of West VirginiaClinton 09/18/1997 - Present2012 - Present
TerryWootenDistrict of South CarolinaW. Bush 11/26/2001 - Present1/16/2013 - Present
JamesDeverEastern District of North CarolinaW. Bush 05/02/2005 - Present2011 - Present
WilliamOsteenMiddle District of North CarolinaW. Bush 09/19/2007 - Present11/1/2012-Present
FrankWhitneyWestern District of North CarolinaW. Bush 06/05/2006 - Present6/2/2013 - Present
SarahVanceEastern District of LouisianaClinton 09/29/1994 - Present2008 - Present
DeeDrellWestern District of LouisianaW. Bush 04/10/2003 - Present10/15/2012 - Present
LouisGuirolaSouthern District of MississippiW. Bush 3/22/2004 - Present2010 - Present
SidneyFitzwaterNorthern District of TexasReagan 3/19/1986 - Present2007 - Present
RonClarkEastern District of TexasW. Bush 10/10/2002-Present2015-Present
RicardoHinojosaSouthern District of TexasReagan 05/05/1983 - Present2009 - Present
SamuelBieryWestern District of TexasClinton 03/11/1994 - Present2010 - Present
Robert C.JonesDistrict of Nevada 11/30/2003-Present2011-Present
RanerCollinsDistrict of ArizonaClinton 8/3/1998 - Present9/3/2013 - Present
RalphBeistlineDistrict of AlaskaW. Bush 3/19/2002 - Present2009 - Present
LynnWinmillDistrict of IdahoClinton 8/14/1995-Present1999-Present
AnnAikenDistrict of OregonClinton 2/4/1998 - Present2009 - Present
Susan OkiMollwayDistrict of HawaiiClinton 6/23/1998 - Present2009 - Present
PhyllisHamiltonNorthern District of CaliforniaClinton 5/25/2000-Present1/23/2015-Present
MorrisonEnglandEastern District of CaliforniaW. Bush 8/2/2002-Present11/1/2012-Present
GeorgeKingCentral District of CaliforniaClinton 6/30/1995 - present10/1/2012-present
BarryMoskowitzSouthern District of CaliforniaClinton 12/26/1995 - Present2012 - Present
MarshaPechmanWestern District of Washington 9/9/1999-Present2011-Present
RichardRobertsD.C. District CourtClinton 6/23/1998 - Present2013 - Present
SidneyThomasNinth CircuitClinton 1/4/1996-Present12/1/2014-Present
JoyContiWestern District of PennsylvaniaW. Bush 07/31/2002 - Present8/17/2013-Present
MerrickGarlandD.C. CircuitClinton 3/20/1997 - Present2/12/13 - Present
TimothyStanceuUnited States Court of International TradeW. Bush 3/10/2003-Present7/1/2014-Present
PhillipSimonNorthern District of IndianaW. Bush 3/27/2003 - Present2010 - Present
ChristinaReissDistrict of VermontObama 12/21/2009 - Present2010 - Present
RosannaPetersonEastern District of WashingtonObama 1/26/2010-Present2011-Present
WilliamConleyWestern District of Wisconsin 3/25/2010-Present2010-Present
BrianJacksonMiddle District of LouisianaObama 06/15/2010 - Present2011 - Present
Nancy D.FreudenthalDistrict of Wyoming 5/6/2010-Present2011-Present
James E.ShadidCentral District of IllinoisObama 3/10/2011 - Present3/12/2012 - Present
Paul K.HolmesWestern District of ArkansasObama 2/8/2011 - Present2012 - Present
Kevin HunterSharpMiddle District of TennesseeObama 5/3/2011-Present10/1/2014-Present
DanaChristensenDistrict of MontanaObama 12/5/2011 - Present
PatriciaCampbell-SmithUnited States Court of Federal ClaimsObama 9/19/2013-202810/21/013-Present
Michael JamesDavisDistrict of MinnesotaClinton 3/28/1994-Present2008-Present

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