Dan Cort recall, Pacific Grove, California, 2009

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An unsuccessful effort to recall Dan Cort from his position as Mayor of Pacific Grove, California (in Monterey County, California) was launched on August 4, 2009. Cort, who at the time was serving his second term in Pacific Grove, resigned from office before the recall campaign went through the process of collecting signatures.[1][2]

The mayor's resignation was effective as of the end of September 2009.

Reasons given for the attempted recall

The recall effort was spearheaded by David Dilworth and former councilmember Terrence Zito.[3]

In a press conference announcing their recall effort, Dilworth and Zito said they have several motivations for launching the recall effort:

  • They said that in their view, city assets had been mismanaged.[3]
  • Dilworth talked about reduced Library hours and his concerns with a public-private partnership that was approved for the City's Museum.[3]
  • A proposed pay increase adjustment for members of the City's Police Officers Association was mentioned as a factor motivating the recall.[3]

Path to the ballot

No signatures were collected and the attempted recall never went to the ballot.[3]

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