Dane County RTA Sales Tax Increase (November 2010)

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A Dane County RTA Sales Tax Increase measure was on the November 2, 2010 ballot in 45 different municipalities in Dane County. The measure was defeated in nearly every municipality.[1]

This measure asked for a $.50 sales tax increase to further fund the Dane County Regional Transport Authority. The measure was also asked in other cities and towns in the RTA area, but not given to a county wide vote since the RTA area does not cover the entire county.[2]

The county supervisor expressed his delight with having so many areas in the county put this advisory question on their ballots.[3] 45 municipalities have now added this measure to their local ballots in the area. Due to this being an advisory question only, some saw it as a waste of space, a measure that does not really take in to account the will of the people. Though others saw it as a way for county officials to find out what people feel on the issue.[4]

Some wondered why the question was even asked since the measure was only advisory. The tax would not be implemented if this measure had been approved, it has only been discussed by authorities. It was noted that they just wanted to get insight into what residents thought about the idea, if they wanted to support regional rail services. Rail authorities note that there still would be another vote if it is decided to implement a sales tax to support these services.[5]

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