Danielle DiPaola recall, Emerson, New Jersey (2012)

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An effort to recall Danielle DiPaola from her position on the city council of Emerson, New Jersey, was launched April 30, 2012, and abandoned several days later.[1]

Reasons for recall

The recall petition accused DiPaola of spreading misinformation about town business, harming the town's volunteer organizations and governing body, and wasting taxpayer money by continuing investigations into closed matters. In January 2012, DiPaola had raised concerns about the Emerson Volunteer Ambulance Corps' practice of drawing clothing allowances out of contributed funds. After an investigation, the council ruled there was nothing wrong with the practice. Recall supporters said they thought the investigation caused damage to the corps' reputation, and they blamed DiPaola.[1][2]

Path to the ballot

Deidre O'Shea, Joshua Urban, and Bill Travers filed a notice of intent to recall on May 1, 2012. O'Shea withdrew the document four days later. After the retraction, Urban said, "we tried to file a petition to recall the councilwoman as tax-paying residents of Emerson. But connections have been made that impact both the ambulance corps and its members. As this was never our intent, we must retract the recall."[1]

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