Darren Spellman recall, Calaveras County, California (2011)

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An effort to recall Darren Spellman from his position as an elected county supervisor of Calaveras County, California was launched in August 2011 and fell short in November 2011 after recall supporters failed to gather enough signatures.[1] A subsequent recall effort in 2012 also fell short. Spellman represents District 5.

Recall supporters

Former District 5 Supervisor Russ Thomas, who Spellman defeated in the November 2010 election, was a supporter of the recall effort. Bill Crane and Michael McDaniel were also recall supporters.[1]

Reasons for recall

Spellman was faulted for announcing his intention to run for Congress several months after he began serving as a county supervisor. He was accused of voting against funding for a county staffer to serve as a representative to assist military veterans. He was also accused of leaving early from or failing to attend board meetings.[1]

Path to the ballot

Recall organizers turned in 1,336 signatures. They needed at least 1,702 valid signatures to force a recall election.[1]

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