David Blauert, Charles Christensen, and Phyllis Erick recall, Sedona, Arizona (2012)

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A vote about whether to recall David Blauert, Charles Christensen, and Phyllis Erick from their positions on the Sedona, Arizona Fire Board took place on May 15, 2012.[1] Blauert, Christensen, and Erick were all recalled from office.[2]

Reasons for recall

A group called Sedona Citizens for Safety initiated the recall effort. Recall supporters expressed concern that recent budget cuts posed a threat to fire safety.[1]

Path to the ballot

Ballots were mailed on April 23, 2012. The recall election was conducted exclusively by mail-in ballot, and ballots needed to be returned by May 15. The three recall targets were successfully recalled. Diane Schoen replaced Blauert, Corrie Cooperman replaced Erick, and Nazih Hazime replaced Christensen. Justin Paffrath also ran to replace Blauert, but Paffrath was defeated.[1][3]

Election results

  • Votes to retain David Blauert: 1,696
  • Votes to replace David Blauert with Diane Schoen: 2,637 Approveda
  • Votes to replace David Blauert with Justin Paffrath: 460
  • Votes to retain Charles Christensen: 1,734
  • Votes to replace Charles Christensen with Nazih Hazime: 3,004 Approveda
  • Votes to retain Phyllis Erick: 1,783
  • Votes to replace Phyllis Erick with Corrie Cooperman: 2,900 Approveda

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