David Chipman, Dwain "Butch" Hardbarger Jr. and Paul Vidlak recall, Union, Nebraska (2011)

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A vote whether to recall David Chipman, Dwain "Butch" Hardbarger Jr. and Paul Vidlak from their positions on the Union Village Board took place on November 15th, 2011.[1] All three recall targets were retained in their seats.


William Bescheinen organized the recall effort. The recall petitions alleged that Chipman was "harassing the elderly" and “changing state ordinances to suit himself"[1] and that the two other recall targets were both an "endangerment to business."[2] Chipman stated that “Mr. Bescheinen filed this petition to retaliate against me due to the Board unanimously voting to declare nine of his properties nuisances.”[1]

Election results

  • Votes to recall David Chipman: 21 Defeatedd
  • Votes to retain David Chipman: 58
  • Votes to recall Dwain "Butch" Hardbarger Jr.: 14 Defeatedd
  • Votes to retain Dwain "Butch" Hardbarger Jr.: 65
  • Votes to recall Paul Vidlak: 16 Defeatedd
  • Votes to retain Paul Vidlak: 63

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