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Budget Y
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Meetings Y
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Elected Officials Y
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Administrative Officials Y
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Permits, zoning Y
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Audits P
Contracts P
Lobbying N
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Public records Y
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Local taxes Y
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”Davis County”’ is a county in [Utah]. The 2010 census reported the population at 306,379, a 28% increase over the 2000 population figure. The county seat is Farmington, part of the Ogden-Clearfield area, and its largest city is Layton. The county is named for Daniel Davis, a captain in the Mormon Battalion.[1]

Website evaluation

Main article: Evaluation of Utah county websites

Information last reviewed: April 2, 2012

The good

  • Council meetings and agendas are published.[2]
  • Elected Councilmembers information is published, including contact phone numbers and email addresses.[3]
  • Administrative officials are published.[4]
  • Audits and Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports are available, but only through 2010.[5]
  • Budget information is available.[6]
  • Permits and zoning information is available.[7]
  • Purchasing overview and contact information is available.[8]
  • Limited contract information is available, and search does not turn up relevant results.[9]
  • Public records are complete.[10]

The bad

  • Only limited purchasing information is available.[11]
  • No explanatory text included with the budget.[12]
  • The format of the presented CAFR, budget and tax information is very small and difficult to read.[13]
  • A search of lobbying turns up commission minutes, the most recent (January 13, 2012) will not open.[14]

Legislative reform proposed

Utah Senate Bill 18 was proposed in the Utah State Senate on February 2, 2009. The bill would have required all cities, counties, school districts and special districts in the state to post their budgets online.[15]

Elected Officials: Council Members

Name District Term expiration Salary
John Petroff, Jr. Commission Vice Chair 1/6/13 $177,625
Bret Millburn Commission Chair 1/5/15 $181,168
Louenda Downs Commissioner Unavailable $179,278

Salary information available here.[16]

Administrative Officials

Name Title Salary
Dennis Yarrington Assessor $174,896
Troy Rawlings County Attorney $236,886
Steve Rawlings Clerk/Auditor $176,555
Jonathan Lee Finance Director Unavailable
LaDean Stettler Purchasing Manager $68,893
Pat Beckstead Election Director $114,340
Richard Maughan County Recorder $172,151
Todd Richardson Sheriff $214,427
Mark Altorn Treasurer Unavailable


The total budget available for appropriation in FY 2012 is $81,842,802.[17]


The Davis county seat, Farmington, received $1,394,735 in federal stimulus money through one firm-fixed contract for mechanical, fire protection, and electrical upgrades at building 4531 at dugway Proving Ground.[18]

Local taxes

Tax information is available, but difficult to read on the small PDF.[19]

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