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Day 3 in New England: Less roads, more questions

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October 20, 2009

When I learned about the debate between Skip Greenlaw and Newell Augur, campaign leaders for both sides of Question 3, I got to that event faster than...well, not very fast at all. That’s how it seemed, as I had to drive another long, slow two hours to get to the University of Maine to cover the event.

Nevertheless, it was worth the drive. I’ve never seen a debate in person; I’ve only seen them on TV. With any event, TV cameras are too selective. So the little things aren’t seen unless you are actually in attendance. For example, you don’t see the little reactions an opponent makes when he doesn’t agree with something. You don’t see the eyebrow raises, the head shakes or the surprised smiles. You don’t even see the mediator do what he’s supposed to do: mediate. At one point, the mediator had to quietly hold up his finger to warn one of the debaters not to interject during the other’s argument. The event was free, but I would’ve definitely paid to go see it if I was a Maine resident.

Today, I will speak to Skip Greenlaw, asking him questions about last night’s event and how he felt it went overall for his campaign. Tomorrow, I will sit down with Newel Augur and do the same. Also coming later, I will shift gears to Question 5 and talk to Maine Senator Joseph Brannigan, supporter of the measure. Question 5 proposes creating nonprofit dispensaries to help patients get a safe supply of their approved medical marijuana. It would also establish a statewide ID card system to protect patients from arrest. I will be asking the senator what recent polls are showing in terms of voter support or opposition. One thing to think about before this interview: Why isn’t this measure the frontrunner for voter attention, given it has to do with a topic that may seem taboo in other states?

All my interviews today and tomorrow are in Portland. Good thing too, I think I've had my fair share of the New England countryside.


  • Interesting fact: Novelist Stephen King is a graduate of the University of Maine, were the debate was held.[1]
  • You should have seen: The "Moose Crossing" signs on I-95. No other words are needed for that little tid bit.

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