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The Delaware Court of Chancery is a non-trial court in Delaware. It "serves as Delaware's court of original and exclusive equity jurisdiction, and adjudicates a wide variety of cases involving trusts, real property, guardianships, civil rights, and commercial litigation."[1] The Court of Chancery is "a closely watched venue for legal disputes involving many of the nation's largest corporations," according to the Associated Press.[2]

Judges of the court

The Court of Chancery consists of four vice chancellors and one chancellor. They are selected by the Delaware Judicial Nominating Commission, nominated by the Governor, and confirmed by the state senate for 12 year terms. They must be citizens of Delaware who have passed the state bar exam, and state law requires that the court be balanced politically.

Past members of the Court of Chancery

  • William Killen (1793-1801)
  • Nicholas Ridgley (1801-1830)
  • Kensey Johns, Sr. (1830-1832)
  • Kensey Johns, Jr. (1832-1857)
  • Samuel Maxwell Harrington (1857-1865)
  • Daniel Moore Bates (1865-1873)
  • Willard Saulsbury (1873-1892)
  • James L. Wolcott (1893-1895)
  • John Read Nicholson (1895-1909)
  • Charles Minot Curtis (1909-1921)
  • Josiah Oliver Wolcott (1921-1938)
  • George Burton Pearson, Jr. (1939-1946)
  • William Watson Harrington (1938-1950)
  • Daniel F. Wolcott (1950-1951)
  • Howard W. Bramhall (1951-1954)
  • Collins J. Seitz (1946-1966)

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