Delaware House Republicans reveal "Pledge to Delaware"

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September 28, 2010

State House Minority Leader Dick Cathcart reveiled the Republican pledge on Friday

By Greg Janetka

DOVER, Delaware: With the fall general elections just about six weeks away, Republican leaders in the Delaware House of Representatives have followed in the footsteps of the Congressional Republican's "Pledge to America" by revealing their own pledge, titled “Putting Delawareans First.” The 3-page document lists five broad principles they are pledging to uphold, and nine specific legislative actions they are going to propose in the next legislative session. The five principals include resisting any new taxes on businesses or citizens, restoring healthcare choice to the people, making government more transparent, keeping state spending in-check, and asserting states rights under the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.[1]

In a press release State House Minority Leader Richard Cathcart stated, “We have been operating under these guidelines already, and most of the initiatives are actions we have previously proposed. However, I think there is merit in drawing a line that everyone can see and saying: ‘This is what we stand for.’”[2]

Going into the elections, Democrats hold a majority in the 41 member state House by a margin of 24-17. Democrats won the House from Republicans in 2008, and while the Delaware Senate is considered by most to be safely Democratic, the House is more of a toss-up. 36 of the 41 incumbents are seeking re-election. Included among these are 16, 9 Democrats and 7 Republicans, who face no challenger in the general election.

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