Delaware legislators consider extending tax increases

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May 31, 2012


DOVER, Delaware: As Delaware lawmakers struggle to come up with a viable budget for 2013, some are looking anxiously ahead to 2014, when tax increases enacted in 2009 will expire.[1]

Legislators from both sides of the aisle are urging Delaware Governor Jack Markell not to extend the tax hikes. State Senator Brian Bushweller (D) says the state government needs to stick to its promise that the tax hikes would sunset in 2014. Making the taxes permanently higher, however, would help the Delaware General Assembly meet some of its new budget promises, which include a 1 percent pay raise for state employees.[1]

The temporarily raised taxes included income, franchise, and estate taxes, among others. Gov. Markell's administration has not committed one way or the other on whether to extend the tax hikes.[1] House Minority Leader Greg Lavelle (R) suspects Markell is avoiding taking a stance until the November elections are over, after which Lavelle says he expects the governor intends to make the higher taxes permanent. A Markell spokesman responded that the focus must be on the current budget.[1]

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