Delaware passes wildlife protection law

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July 30, 2013

By Jennifer Springer


DOVER, Delaware: Governor Jack Markell signed a new protection law on July 15, 2013, making Delaware a member of the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact (IWVC).[1][2][3] Delaware joins 39 other states already party to the IWVC.[3][1]

Under the IWVC, states share information and can access records about individuals who have lost their hunting, fishing and/or trapping privileges due to major offenses, like poaching.[1][2] Based on what information is found, the state Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control can deny licenses to those who have committed crimes against wildlife elsewhere. In addition, violators in Delaware risk losing privileges in all of the other states.[1][2][4]

"The work done to bring Delaware into the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact reflects a concerted and productive effort in this year’s General Assembly to protect our natural resources," said Gov. Markell.[1]

The law has support from both Delaware Ducks Unlimited and the Delaware Nature Society.[2]

In addition to becoming party to the IWVC covered under SB 117, Gov. Markell signed four other bills that address Delaware's natural resources:[1]

  • House Bill 95 gives DNREC the authority to hold people who contaminate state land and water accountable by imposing environmental liens on property owners to recover taxpayers’ money spent on cleanup costs.
  • House Bill 32 eliminates a 36-year-old monetary cap on liability for oil spills.
  • House Bill 41 builds upon existing state regulations and prohibits the sale and distribution of shark fins, showing the state’s commitment to ending the cruel practice of shark finning.
  • Senate Bill 65 consolidates clean water infrastructure financing responsibilities under one Water Infrastructure Advisory Council to make it easier for the state to take a comprehensive approach to keeping drinking water safe and enhancing wastewater and storm water systems.

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