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The Department of Health is an agency in Arkansas.

The stated purpose of the Department of Health is to protect and improve and health and well-being of Arkansans through 100 services provided statewide and the 94 local health units in the state's 75 counties. The Department operates various centers to oversee the differing functions of the Department, including the Center for Health Advancement, the Center for Health Protection, the Center for Local Public Health , and the Center for Public Health Practice, as well as operating a Public Health Laboratory.[1]


The total budget for fiscal year 2011 is $419,653,440.

The budget by funding source is as follows:

Source Funds
Tobacco Tax $45,491,670
General Improvement Fund $227,000
Tobacco MSA $16,231,254
General Revenue $55,215,151
Federal Revenue $142, 780, 880
Special Revenue $23,333,230
Other Revenue $136,374,255
Total $419,653,440

The budget allocations by category are as follows:

Category Number of Positions Allocation Percentage
Directors/Administrative 374 12.18%
Support Staff/Clerks 900 30.08%
Environmental 191 6.38%
Engineers 43 1.44%
Nurses 967 33.29%
Program Specialists 257 8 59%
Veterinarians 1 0.03%
Dentists 2 0.07%
Physicians 14 0.47%
Miscellaneous 54 1.80%
Total Budgeted Positions 2,963


The Department operates over 100 services statewide, including those related to Chronic Disease, Environmental Health, Epidemiology, Family Health, Health Systems Licensing & Regulation, Infectious Disease, Injury Prevention & Control, Lifestage Health, Minority Health & Health Disparities, Oral Health, Preparedness & Emergency Response, and WIC services (Women, Infants & Children).[2]

The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children is administered by the Department of Health through a grant provided by the Food and Nutrition Service of the USDA.[3] The program provides supplemental foods, nutrition education, breastfeeding information, and referrals for health services.


County health officers serve in the state's 75 counties and are nominated by the County Judge and appointed by the State Board of Health.[4]


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