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The Cabinet for Health and Family Services is an agency in Kentucky.

The Cabinet for Health and Family Services is composed of the state's human services and health care programs, including Medicaid, the Department for Community Based Services and the Department for Public Health.[1]


The 2010 budget for the Cabinet of Health and Family Services totaled $7,768,517,718.[2]

Program Allocations
Aging and Independent Living $67,476,900.00
Comm for Children with Special Healthcare Needs $17,003,100.00
Community Based Services $1,072,080,000.00
Family Resource Centers & Volunteer Services $60,557,500.00
General Administration and Program Support $82,605,500.00
Health Policy $1,239,000.00
Income Support $107,811,800.00
Medicaid Administration $111,211,300.00
Medicaid Benefits $5,335,393,522.00
Mental Health, Dev Disabilities & Addiction Services $435,693,896.87
Public Health $477,445,200.00
Total $7,768,517,718


The CHFH offers programs and services for Seniors, such as Aging Services, Elder Abuse Awareness, and Medicaid Services; Adults, such as Pharmacy Program Information and Volunteerism; Children, such as First Steps, Adoption, and Health Insurance for Children; and Families, such as Family Resource and Youth Services Centers and Food Benefits.[3]

The state's Medicaid program provides health insurance for families and individuals who have qualifying income and resources. Kentucky Medicaid also provides partial financial assistance with Medicare costs to low income Medicare beneficiaries who are not entitled to the full Medicaid benefit package[4]

The Division of Family Support administers the Food Benefits program, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which helps families in need to buy food for good health.[5]


Salaries for employees of Kentucky government agencies are disclosed on the Kentucky Open Door website.[6] The Commissioner of the Department for Public Health earns $155,335.00.

Open Records Act information is included on the Kentucky Open Door website.[7]

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