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The Department of Health and Hospitals is an agency in Louisiana.

The purpose of the Department of Health and Hospitals is to protect and promote the health of Louisianans and to ensure access to medical, preventive and rehabilitative services.[1]


Fiscal year 2011 expenditures for the Department of Health and Hospitals total $4,184,033,525.30.[2]

Program Budget Expenditures
Auxiliary Program $75,000.00 $937.00
Capital Outlay $4,673,844.00 $977,632.50
Debt Services $6,000,000.00 $5,326,850.62
Major Repairs $1,035,053.00 $110,308.65
Operating Services $60,732,364.00 $26,414,898.99
Other Charges $5,824,289,556.00 $2,988,032,557.64
Other Compensation $20,984,604.00 $10,891,923.66
Professional Services $180,549,319.00 $58,338,328.12
Related Benefits $160,482,438.00 $86,616,012.87
Salaries $440,353,411.00 $242,903,138.50
Supplies $46,928,224.00 $18,832,517.53
Transfers to Other State Agencies $1,523,824,056.00 $744,266,714.76
Travel and Training $5,864,339.00 $1,321,704.46
Total $4,184,033,525.30


The Health Services Financing office operates the state's Medicaid program, which provides coverage in areas traditionally covered by private health insurance for Louisianans facing financial hardship.[3][4] The State's Medicaid enrollment for 2008-2009 was 1,233,712.[5]

LaCHIP (Louisiana Children’s Health Insurance Program) provides health care coverage for uninsured children up to age 19.[6] 176,556 children were enrolled in the program in 2008-2009.[5]


The Louisiana Transparency and Accountability website tracks state spending and performance.[7]

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