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The Department of Human Services is an agency in Minnesota.

The purpose of the Minnesota Department of Human Services is to assist people in meeting their basic needs, including seniors in need of financial assistance or care; families in need of financial assistance; child support enforcement; and support for those with physical or development disabilities.[1]


The Department had a $23.5 billion budget for the 2010-11 fiscal year.[2]


The Department offers programs such as Medical Assistance; General Assistance Medical Care; MinnesotaCare; Minnesota Family Investment Program; child protection, child support enforcement, and child welfare services; and services for people who are mentally ill, chemically dependent or have physical or developmental disabilities.[1]

The Department's Healthcare Programs help those who cannot afford the cost of health insurance through an employer, lack health insurance because of unemployment, have a disability or condition and need assistance paying for at-home care, need assistance paying for care in a medical facility, or need assistance paying for Medicare premiums or services not covered by Medicare.[3]

The Medical Assistance offers help paying for medical bills. The MinnesotaCare program offers health coverage to the uninsured. The General Assistance Medical Care program will pay for some current and future medical services. Each program has different eligibility requirements.[4] Approximately 776,000 Minnesotans receive coverage through these health care programs and 69% of the department's budget is dedicated to these programs. The average monthly enrollment in the Medical assistance program for 2010 was 609,000; the average monthly MinnesotaCare enrollment in 2010 was 132,000; and the average monthly enrollment in the General Assistance Medical Care program for 2010 was 35,000.[5]


The Department website has a searchable database of fair hearing decisions.[6]

The Minnesota Accountability website tracks the progress of state agencies toward stated goals.[7]

The Transparency and Accountability project reports state government spending.[8] Insert non-formatted text here

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