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The Department of Health and Human Services is an agency in Nebraska.

The purpose of the Department of Health and Human Services is to provide services that enable Nebraskans to "live better lives." This is accomplished through programs that educate and protect people through public health efforts; assist the elderly, low-income families and individuals, and those with disabilities; provide safety to abused and/or neglected children or vulnerable adults; or serve those in need of 24-hour facility care.[1]


For the 2008-2009 fiscal year, funding sources for the department were as follows:

Funds Allocations
Federal Funds $1,480,303,700
State General Funds $1,084,721,563
Cash Funds $135,505,211

For the 2008-2009 fiscal year, distribution of funds for the department was as follows:

Service Allocations
Client benefits and services 79%
State-operated services 7%
Administrative services 11%
Population-based services 3%

The Department also received $1,713,951,328 in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds in 2010.[2]


The Department administers the State's Medicaid program, which provides health care services to eligible elderly and disabled individuals and eligible low-income pregnant women, children and parents. Currently, the Nebraska Medicaid program provides health care to more than one in every ten Nebraskans. The Division of Medicaid and Long-Term Care also administers the Home and Community Services for Aging and Persons with Disabilities and the State Unit on Aging.[3] Medicaid served an average of 207,000 individuals each month in fiscal year 2008-2009.[4] Based on an analysis of the new federal health care law, the State estimates that the cost to the State of Nebraska will be between $526 million and $766 million over the next 10 years in funding for Medicaid programs.[5]

The Department also administers Kids Connection, the health care coverage program for children without other health insurance and who do not qualify for Medicaid.[6]


The Department's Furlough plan through December 31, 2010 is posted on the website.[7]

The website tracks state spending.[8]

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