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The Department of Health is a government agency dedicated to quality of life standards in the state of Wyoming. The department addresses three quality of life results, these include: stable families, health care and early childhood development. The agency has also been declared the state authority for mental health, developmental disabilities and substance abuse.[1]


Below are the appropriations for the Health Department for the 2008-2009 year.[2] The total budget for the year came to $1,575,163,797.[2] The funding broke down roughly to:

  • General funds: $8.6 million
  • Federal funds: $6.2 million
  • Other funds: $82 K
Breakdown of programs and staff for 2008-2009
Program Total Appropriations
Directors of Office $22,036,405
Office of Rural Health $12,383,594
Community & Family Health $ 67,186,917
Healthcare Financing $996,835,539
State Health Officer $20,091,081
Prevent Health & Safety $25,346,890
Mental Health & Substance Abuse $236,412,845
Developmental Disabilities $129,995,367
Division of Aging $55,101,697
Pioneer Home $5,767,900
State Hospital HVAC $4,005,562
Total $1,575,163,797
Division Total appropriations
Personal $194,956,022
Supportive services $35,918,870
Restrictive services $5,491,517
Central & Data services $3,732,248
Space rental $1,679,266
Grants & Aid payment $1,232,968,326
Capital expenditures $9,773,462
Non-operating expenditures $1,300,000
Contractual services $89,344,086
Total $1,575,163,797



The Office of Healthcare Financing manages the EqualityCare Program for the Department of Health.[3] According to the website the Office of Healthcare Financing is also responsible for "financial management, developing policy, establishing benefit limitations, payment methodologies and fees, and performing utilization review."[3]

ACS is the fiscal agent for EqualityCare. It answers questions about claim status, payments, client eligibility and known third party insurance information.[3]

Total Health Record

Pay for Participation (P4P) is part of the Total Health Record initiative which seeks to pair up patients with the Wyoming EqualityHealthCare (EC) Health Together Program. The Health Together Program assigns nurse health coaches top patients with chronic diseases who then evaluations progress, eliminates barriers to care and educates the patients on their disease. Since the launch of the program there has been:[4]

  • 79% diabetic patients were referred, worked with a health coach
  • 69% of patients diagnosed with ADD and asthma
  • 63% increase in children receiving long term prescription for asthma
  • 7.5% increase of diabetics taking glycosylate hemoglobin test
  • 36% increase of diabetics taking a low density lipoprotein cholesterol test

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