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The Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation is an agency in Maryland.

The purpose of the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (DLLR) is to provide programs and services that promote job development, encourage the development of workers' skills, ensure workplace safety and protect consumers, all of which supports the state's economy. The department administers the state's unemployment benefits.[1]


A link is provided on the website to the State of Maryland's budget website.[2]

APPROPRIATIONS: (in millions of dollars)

FY10 Actual FY10 Appropriation FY12 Allowance Change FY12-11
General Funds 33.2 31.4 34.6 10.3%
Special Funds 29.4 51.2 92.6 81.1%
Federal Funds 167.6 146.4 174.9 19.5%
Reimbursable Funds 13.3 16.7 13.1 -28.3%
Total 243.5 245.6 315.2 28.3%

EXPENDITURES: (in millions of dollars)

FY10 Actual FY10 Appropriation FY12 Allowance Change FY12-11
Office of the Secretary 13.4 15.4 19.3 26.0%
Division of Administration 17.0 17.4 17.5 0.5%
Division of Financial Regulation 8.3 9.2 8.9 -3.4%
Division of Labor and Industry 15.0 16.7 16.8 0.7%
Division of Racing 3.4 22.8 63.8 179.6%
Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing 11.3 9.6 10.3 7.1%
Division of Workforce Development 104.9 90.6 98.4 8.7%
Division of Unemployment Insurance 70.1 63.9 80.1 25.3%
Total 243.5 245.6 315.2 28.3%

$287 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds was dedicated to Maryland's workforce, 3.8% of the total recovery funds received by the state.[3]


The DLLR is responsible for administering the state's Unemployment Insurance (UI), which provides insurance benefits to persons unemployed through no fault of their own and who are actively seeking work.[4] The department's website provides information to unemployed workers and employers, and allows workers to file claims and appeals.

The DLLR also provides assistance for the unemployed through the Maryland Workforce Exchange (MWE), which allows job seekers to search for jobs, receive resume building assistance, find education and training opportunities; and allows employers to find qualified employees, post job openings, and review job market trends. MWE also supplies labor market information. Jobs created through ARRA and priority jobs for veterans are noted.[5]

Tax credit hiring incentives for employers are also posted on the website.[6]

The Governor's Workforce Investment Board (GWIB) is part of the DLLR. The GWIB is the policy-making body for the state's workforce development. The board is comprised of approximately 45 members, a majority of whom represent the business community, as mandated by the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (WIA).[7]

Enrollment figures and financials for the DLLR's services do not seem to be posted.


Administrators are listed with phone numbers and emails.[8]

Public records request information does not seem to be available. Audits are also not posted.

Procurement guidelines for the department are posted, although active contracts do not seem to be available.

Annual reports for the Governor's Workforce Investment Board (GWIB) are posted.[9] Members of the board are also listed, although contact information for individuals is not posted; meeting dates and materials are also posted.[7]


On June 1, 2011, the DLLR reported that April 2011 unemployment was 9.1% in Washington County, which is the lowest in 2 and a half years, marking the first time since June 2008 that the county's unemployment rate was lower than the nation unemployment rate.[10]

On May 2011, 2011, the DLLR reported that Maryland payrolls added 11,600 jobs in April. Last month, private employers added 16,400 workers, which lowered the state's unemployment rate to 6.8%.[11]

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