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The Department of Labor & Industrial Relations is an agency in Missouri.

The stated purpose of the Missouri Department of Labor & Industrial Relations (DLIR) is to "promote industry and labor and protect the rights and safety of Missouri's workforce." The department administers the state's unemployment insurance (UI) benefits through the Division of Employment Security; administers workers' compensation benefits through the Division of Workers' Compensation; regulates wages and ensure safe working environments through the Division of Labor Standards; regulates labor relations and determines bargaining units for public employees through the State Board of Mediation; and enforces anti-discriminatory, fair housing and employment laws through the Missouri Human Rights Commission.[1]


Budget information is not posted on the department website, but can be accessed through the State of Missouri Office of Budget and Planning.[2]

The Fiscal Year 2012 budget for the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations totals $112.4 million.[3]

Division Fiscal Year 2010 Expenditure Fiscal Year 2011 Appropriation Fiscal Year 2012 Request Governor Recommends Fiscal Year 2012
Department Administration $11,405,661 $12,530,825 $12,530,825 $12,530,825
Labor and Industrial Relations Commission 840,828 988,062 988,044 988,037
Division of Labor Standards 1,890,839 2,854,891 2,825,106 2,824,721
Division of Workers' Compensation 50,645,292 56,540,875 56,540,875 56,540,875
Division of Employment Security 28,695,706 37,783,120 37,783,120 37,783,120
State Board of Mediation 120,663 119,976 118,792 117,833
Missouri Commission on Human Rights 1,428,980 1,623,797 1,567,047 1,567,014
DEPARTMENTAL TOTAL $95,027,969 $112,441,546 $112,353,809 $112,352,425
General Revenue Fund 2,038,100 1,982,423 1,894,686 1,893,302
Federal Funds 39,188,333 47,950,558 48,189,442 48,189,442
Tort Victims Compensation Fund 2,450,136 105,000 105,000 105,000
Workers' Compensation Fund 11,385,345 12,079,185 11,840,301 11,840,301
Second Injury Fund 39,431,841 47,359,511 47,359,511 47,359,511
War on Terror Unemployment Compensation Fund 0 90,000 90,000 90,000
Child Labor Enforcement Fund 8,204 185,000 185,000 185,000
Special Employment Security Bond Proceeds Fund 0 1 1 1
Special Employment Security Fund 526,010 2,489,868 2,489,868 2,489,868
Unemployment Automation Fund 0 200,000 200,000 200,000

As of June 2011, the department has also received the following in revenues and made the following expenditures in government stimulus funds:[4][5]

Stimulus Fund Revenues

Program Name Amount Received
Unemployment Extended Benefits $73,314,090.99
Unemployment Extended Emergency Benefits $382,285,061.45
Unemployment Insurance Increase $245,643,546.38

Stimulus Fund Expenditures

Program Name Payments Total
Unemployment Extended Benefits $73,314,090.99
Unemployment Extended Emergency Benefits $383,056,241.65
Unemployment Insurance Increase $245,644,105.99


The department offers services and programs for employers, injured workers, unemployed workers, and public bodies.

Services offered to employers include:[6]

  • Unemployment insurance information and guidance, including applying for an account, filing quarterly reports, and obtaining tax information and documents;
  • the Shared Work Program, which is an alternative to laying off employees. The program allows an employer to divide work among a specific group of employees, who then receive a portion of their unemployment benefits while working reduced hours
  • Workers' Compensation information.

The department administers the state's unemployment insurance benefits.[7] Through the department, unemployed workers can obtain information about benefits, file for initial claims, make weekly claims, and file appeals. The website also offers services to assist unemployed workers in finding jobs through Career Service Centers, such as resume tips, interview tips, job hunting tips, and job search engine information.

Unemployment Insurance Statistics 2010[8]

Category July-Sept. 2009 October-December 2009 Jan.-March 2010 April-June 2010 Totals Fiscal Year 2010
Weeks Claimed - Regular UI 1,218,987 1,131,318 1,189,383 930,912 4,470,660
Weeks Paid - Regular UI 1,066,875 987,612 1,157,510 865,111 4,068,108
Amount Paid - Regular UI (Trust Fund Expenditures) $263,472,000 $242,099,000 $279,547,000 $202,892,000 $988,010,000
Persons Guilty of Fraud 74 52 65 65 256
UI Cases Referred for Prosecution 71 30 40 37 178
Regular UI Overpayments Recovered $2,212,401 $2,343,179 $3,128,959 $2,462,589 $10,147,128
Recipients of Regular UI Benefits 48,705 50,641 70,123 38,553 208,022
Identified Misclassified Workers 318 530 452 741 2,041
Money Recovered due to Identified Misclassified Workers N/A $97,074 $110,532 $89,603 $297,209

The department also administers workers' compensation (WC) benefits to injured workers. Through the website, injured workers can obtain information on WC laws and rules, report the injury, apply for claims, obtain a lawyer, appeal decisions, and report WC fraud.[9]

Workers' Compensation Statistics 2010[8]

Category July-Sept. 2009 October-December 2009 Jan.-March 2010 April-June 2010 Totals Fiscal Year 2010
First Report of Injuries Filed 28,031 26,587 27,635 28,287 110,540
Workers' Comp. Claims Filed 3,793 3,249 3,624 3,521 14,187
Workers' Comp. Claims Resolved 6,151 6,411 5,765 5,773 24,100
Workers' Comp. Claims Referred for Prosecution 75 82 87 97 341
Second Injury Fund Claims Filed 2,561 2,034 2,244 2,136 8,975
Second Injury Fund Claims Resolved 2,823 1,789 1,808 1,557 7,977

Services offered to public bodies include information regarding public works projects, prevailing wage information, required safety training information, Project Notification Reports, Bargaining Unit Elections information, and guidebooks about contractors and public works laws.[10]


The department is governed by the Labor and Industrial Relations Commission (LIRC), which is comprised of three members appointed by the governor. The LIRC is responsible for nominating the Director for the governor's appointment. LIRC is authorized with adopting rules for management of the department and approves rules set by the department and its divisions. The Commission reviews appeals for workers' compensation cases, unemployment insurance cases, crime victims’ compensation cases, and tort victims’ compensation cases.[11]


General contact information for the department and its divisions is provided. Administrators are listed for specific divisions with contact information.[12] Commissioners are also listed but contact information is not provided.

Annual reports for the department are posted.[13]

Public records request information is not provided.

Procurement and contracting information for the department is not posted.

Audits and budgets are not posted.

A means of reporting fraud is provided.[14]


Per department data, for the month of April 2011. the state's unemployment rate was 8.9% and 40,503 initial unemployment claims were filed.[15]

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