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The Department of Transportation is an agency in Indiana.

The purpose of the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) is to "plan, build, maintain and operate a superior transportation system enhancing safety, mobility and economic growth."[1] The department is responsible for the state's 28,500 total lane miles, 4,500 rail miles, 117 public access and 564 private access airports, and 5,617 bridges. INDOT is divided into six districts and 31 subdistricts.[2]

Current INDOT goals include: 1) establishing a five year Capital Project Plan (2012-2016); 2) developing a culture of accountability and ownership at all levels of INDOT; 3) meeting or exceeding financial targets; 4) promoting and maintaining a safe work environment for employees and industry partners; 5) promoting and engaging employees in development opportunities; and maintaining effective management of Transportation Infrastructure Funding.[1]


The department's primary funding source is motor fuel taxes. 18 cents per gallon of gasoline and 16 cents per gallon of diesel fuel are dedicated to state roads.[2]

The INDOT 2010 Annual Report contains detailed funding and spending information for the department. Federal revenue for INDOT in fiscal year 2010 totaled $964.2 million and state revenue totaled $1.183 billion. The annual budget is about $2 billion.[3]

Fiscal Year 2010 Budget (in millions)

Program Allocations
Local Construction Program $368.6
ARRA - Non-State $235.1
Construction Development $227.4
Debt Service $107.7
Public Mass Transportation Fund $59.7
Operating $377.5
Construction $1,081.4
Other $31.4

Expenditures for the past four years as are follows:[4]

Fiscal Year Expenditures
Actual Expenditures FY 2008-09 1,971,362,215
Actual Expenditures FY 2009-10 1,946,606,290
Requested FY 2011-12 2,075,685,000
Requested FY 2012-13 2,059,325,000
Recommended FY 2011-12 2,074,498,182
Recommended FY 2012-13 2,060,525,617

INDOT also received $440 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds.[5]


INDOT runs the state's "Major Moves" project, a 10-year, $12 billion transportation plan to improve and expand the state's highway infrastructure. The plan calls for 104 new roadways (1,600 lane miles) by the year 2015. $2.6 billion from the Indiana Toll Road lomg-term lease is earmarked for the project.[6]

Projects funded through ARRA are listed on the department website. INDOT has distributed funds for 643 projects in 89 counties.[5]

The Department also sponsors community programs such as the state's Adopt-A-Highway Program, in which over 1,000 community groups help to clear trash from Indiana's roadsides.[7]

INDOT also administers the national Safe Routes to School Program, which uses federal funds to promote and enable safe, healthy and congestion-reducing walking and bicycling to school.[8]


General contact information for various departments, including phone numbers and email addresses, is provided.[9]

An online records request form is available on the INDOT website.[10]

Public meetings and hearings about INDOT projects are advertised on the website.[11]

Project letting details are posted.[12] Current planning studies and agreements are also posted.[13]

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